Feedback is an essential element of learning process. The institution collects the structured feedback on curriculum and courses from different stakeholders such as the Students, Alumni, Faculty and Employers to strengthen the quality teaching-learning environment, to assess. The feedback analysis process has put an increasing emphasis on the need for involvement of various stakeholders in the quality assurance of excellent education.


For Higher Education systems the students are supposed to be the most important stakeholders. There is a formal mechanism to obtain feedback from students on a regular basis. The Students Feedback on curriculum and teaching learning process at College is designed to get formative. The college has obtained feedback on curriculum from students through questionnaire. The feedback from students that can be used towards the improvements in the quality of course design and delivery, as well as student learning experiences.


Feedback obtained from the parents is considered as vital for the development of any educational institution. Parent's feedback is taken about the curriculum for the year 2018 to 2019. Suggestions were given to make the teaching more practical based and interesting.


Alumni are valuable for any institutional improvement in facilities and employability of our students. So, feedback obtained for our alumni on curriculum. The alumni appreciated the existing pattern of education; they suggested giving more stress on research activities, capacity building and skill training programs.